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Danica Todd

My Massage Doula Co-owner/facilitator 

I am committed to preserving the trust in our ability to navigate the physiological journey of birth. 

Danica’s commitment to physiological birth came after hitting many roadblocks using traditional prenatal massage techniques in her private practice.  She quickly became one of the most saught after professionals in her area for prenatal massage and doula services, but she noticed that even a really great prenatal massage was not creating the impact she desired for her clients during labor.

Desiring more than the comfort touch a doula can provide, Danica searched out mentors who were top in their field of expertise and began to study how to therapeutically create space so that the physiological process of birth could unfold.  This is when she coined the term Therapeutic Doula to differentiate the benefits of a traditional birth doula and her ability to use therapeutic techniques applied by many medical fields around the world.

Danica then completed the Spirit of Learning Certification in May, 2019 and learned how to create curriculum from scratch and facilitate classes for adult learners.  Her desire to create childbirth classes out of a need to reach more families wanting out of hospital childbirth classes, but may not have local classes in their area.  

Danica’s blog

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18 Years of Experience

 There have been a lot of mentors since graduating from the Atlanta School of Massage in August, 2002.  These are the mentors who have created the biggest impact towards serving our prenatal and birth community.  


Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner®

Danica became an approved Spinning Babies Aware provider in May, 2018, becoming the first and only provider for South Carolina. 

The Matrona Birth Doula

Danica is dual certified with the Matrona 2013 & 2018.  Whapio’s no nonsense approach to the physiological wisdom of each family’s journey keeps her coming back for more!

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®

Danica has completed all 4 levels of Arvigo Therapy® training and became certified in September, 2017

Core Awareness Practitioner

Danica has completed 42 hours of training with Liz Koch and looks forward to joining the mentorship program in 2021.  

Center For Embodied Education

Danica completed a 100 hour course over 9 months on how to facilitate adult education classes, and became certifed in May, 2019.  

Private Practice Clients

Danica holds the deepest respect for the honor to have witnessed each clients journey.  Each experience has been the biggest teacher and each client her greatest mentor. 

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